2015 Goffstown Deliberative Sessions

The Goffstown Budget Committee’s public hearings on the School and town budgets are in the books. (Here are the minutes – Public hearing (video), BC deliberation, (video). 2014 Minutes discussing budgets.) Not that many residents attended, I’d say about 30 with most concerned, primarily, with maintaining milfoil funds in the budget. Otherwise, not one person stood up to complain about any of the articles nor about the proposed tax impact of said proposed articles, which was kind of surprising considering that’s usually the norm. Because of the lack of public disagreement with the Budget Committees proposed budgets by folks attending the public hearing, the Budget Committee, procedurally, did not amend the proposed moneyed articles.

That could change, though, during the next phase of the budget process (Deliberative Sessions where the public is given a final chance to have a say about what goes on Goffstown’s School and Town Warrants. For example: John Smith is not a happy the tax rate will rise so he motions to cut the budget by a certain percentage. If that motion passes, the Budget Committee must revote to recommend or not recommend the amended article. Same goes for if Suzy Smith rises to motion to increase funding or add an item to an article. If the motion passes, the Budget Committee must have a revote. If it fails, nothing changes and their original vote remains. Same goes for the School Board and Board of Selectmen. If one of their articles is amended, each must have a revote to reflect their agreement or disagreement with said change. So, whether you’re for or against something, it matters that folks on either side of an issue attend and show their support for what they believe is important for our town.

The School Deliberative session is planned for Saturday, January 31, 10:00AM at Goffstown Area High School, auditorium. Snow date: February 2, 7:00PM.

The Town Deliberative Session is planned for Wednesday, February 04, 7:00PM at Goffstown Area High School, auditorium. Snow date: February 05.

I’ll be posting more info in the coming days, in the meantime, please log onto the links above, read some minutes, watch some videos and come prepared with questions and concerns to the upcoming deliberative sessions.