Voting information – Goffstown Voting Day is Tuesday, March 10th


Tuesday, March 10th is voting day in Goffstown NH.

Please remember to get out and vote!

Here are some links pertaining to issues, voting locations, sample ballots and more.

Town of Goffstown 2015 Voting information

Vote Yes #5 – facebook page in support of Goffstown Petition Article #5

Write-in Kimberly Peace for Planning Board – facebook page supporting Kimberly Peace for Planning Board.

Letters supporting:

Mark T. Lemay – Selectman incumbent running for reelection                                    1. by Mark T. Lemay

Guy Caron – write in candidate for Budget Committee                                                1. by Pam Manney  2. by David French

Kimberly Peace – write in candidate for Planning board                                                1. by Gail Glines Labrecque

Petition Town Article #5 (zoning)                                                                                    1.  by Jeffrey Tate

Town Article #9 (Transportation Introductory Program)                                           1. by Barbara Carbonneau & friends

Petition Town Article #15 (Town manager)                                                                  1. by Scott Gross


Goffstown NH – Please vote yes on Town Warrant Article 5


By Jeffrey Tate – Goffstown NH

Do you own a Goffstown home in zoning district R-1 or R-2?                      

Are town sewer and water available on or near your road?                            

If so, multifamily developments (meaning 3 or more unit apartments) are allowed in your neighborhood with a special exception.

What does that mean? The biggest hurdle that an application faces is whether or not the proposed multifamily “fits” in your neighborhood. The ZBA makes that decision- and depending on who is on the board the definition of what “fits” can be drastically different than what you as a homeowner believes.

What does NOT have to be discussed is whether a proposed multifamily building would reduce the property values in your neighborhood. A variance application has to address that but a special exception does not! 
What town petition warrant article #5 proposes is that a minimum lot size of three acres should be required to construct a multifamily development. The last multifamily development in zone R-2 was Crosswinds at the end of Larch St which was 5.5 acres. Highwood Villlage on St Anselm Drive sits on just under 10 acres, and Timberwood off Mast Road is around 20 acres. A larger parcel allows for appropriate development of facilities and does not detract as much as shoehorning in apartment buildings on small lots between existing houses.

Zones R-1 & R-2 are predominantly single family and we believe they should remain that way- not only to continue to attract buyers with a sense of community to Goffstown but to maintain the property values that these areas enjoy over similar neighborhoods right next door in Manchester.  

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Remember to vote YES ON #5 on March 10, 2015 from 7am – 7pm!