Calling John Hikel, NHF&G looking for turkey counters

Former NH Rep. John A. Hikel (R) Goffstown

Reading the local newspaper today, I noted an article published seeking volunteers to report wild turkey brood sightings as part of the NH Fish & Game web-based survey program.

Remembering how much former NH State Representative, John Hikel, enjoys turkey hunting, I thought he’d definitely enjoy helping NH Fish and Game out.

What’s the big deal? Word is that former Rep. Hikel, owner of UpTown Auto in Pinardville, is going to run for reelection for NH House. Considering some of the stunts and stories he’s embarrassed our town with in years recent past, I thought a refresher of these stories were in order to remind voters of what’s in store should he prevail. This is just one of many stories.

Hikel_hunting_incident_report_May24_2011  wild-turkey-clipart-1



Rep. Claire Rouillard (R – Goffstown) awarded the Henry Toll Fellowship

State of New Hampshire House of Representatives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:               Capitial014                    June 10, 2015     Contact: Jim Rivers


Rep. Claire Rouillard R- Goffstown, NH

Freshman Legislator from Goffstown among 48 National Winners Concord—Rep. Claire Rouillard of Goffstown, serving her first term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has been awarded the prestigious Henry Toll Fellowship given annually by the Council of State Governments (CSG). The program, named for CSG founder Henry Wolcott Toll, is one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials.

Each year Toll Fellows bring 48 of the nation’s top officials from all three branches of state government to Lexington, Ky for an intensive six-day, five-night “intellectual boot camp” designed to stimulate personal assessment and growth.

Speaker Shawn Jasper, who nominated Rep. Rouillard for the fellowship, saw early on in the legislative session that the freshman was a quick study. “Claire grasped the legislative process early in the session and has made a significant contribution to the House. It is rare to have a freshman part of the leadership team, but Rep. Rouillard certainly earned her title as Assistant Majority Whip,” said Speaker Jasper. “She has a very bright future in state government should she choose to stay on that path,” he added.

Rep. Rouillard represents Hillsborough County, District 6, and has been serving on the House Judiciary Committee while assisting the Majority Whip Richard Hinch of Merrimack.

Rep. Rouillard is a graduate of the Franklin Pierce Law School in Concord, known today as the University of New Hampshire Law School.

Since 1986, 20 New Hampshire government officials have received the Toll Fellowship, including Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan, current Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff, State House Chief of Staff Terry Pfaff, and State Senator Sharon Carson.

Rep. Rouillard will join the 47 other fellows in Lexington, KY from August 28 through September 2, 2015.

Thanks, Rep. Dave Pierce, for Drug Court response

bouchard1aRecently an editorial published in the Manchester Union Leader titled, “Not our problem? Drug problem is a County problem” and a story, “Drug battle not over between Manchester and County” by Ted Siefer, cites a recent vote of the Hillsborough County Legislative Executive Committee to not fund a drug court in their budget as has been intiated and paid for, in whole or part, in other counties. A lot of criticism has arisen because of that vote and some of the rationale behind it. So, I reached out to our representative on the committee, Rep. David Pierce (R) Goffstown.

Here’s his response and clarification regarding the issue that I am posting with permission from the author.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Rep. David Pierce (R) Goffstown, NH

On Jun 7, 2015, at 10:48 PM, Dave Pierce <> wrote:

Goffstown Representatives 

Since I participated on the Executive Delegation preparation of the FY16 budget, let me contribute a little background on the funding of a Hillsborough County Drug Court – which wasn’t covered in the one-sided Union Leader article last Friday or today’s editorial.

The Executive Delegation on 29 May, first finalized all of the departments’ FY16 expenses as proposed by the Commissioners and reviewed/adjusted by delegation sub-committees.

These expenses were covered by a projected $42.8M in non-tax revenue and $48.0M in tax revenue.  The goal offered by the Commissioners was to keep the $48.0M tax revenue flat with last year’s tax revenue; ie, therefore no change in the tax rate.  But to do this, the commissioners had to use $3.8M from the Undesignated Fund Balance which shows up as non-tax revenue.

Over the last 5 years the County has been dipping into the Undesignated Fund Balance at the approximate rate of $3.0M per year.  This practice keeps the tax rate artificially low.  This practice over 5 years has reduced the fund balance from $18M to currently about $5.0M.  As mentioned above, the Commissioners proposed the take out another $3.8M from the $5.0M.  However, $5.0M is the minimum amount recommended by DRA to retain in the UFB as it should be in the range of 5 to 15 percent.

The Executive Delegation decided to stop this unwise use of UFB which would bring the balance significantly below the minimum 5% level.  Therefore the $3.8M needed for revenue was moved from non-tax revenue to tax revenue.   To raise $51.8M vs $48.0M would mean about a 10 cent increase in each community’s county tax rate.  This issue was discussed at length by the Executive Delegation.

At this point the expenses and revenue was set to bring before the full Delegation and the Executive Delegation was ready to adjourn. Then Pat Long (rep from Manchester), out of the blue, offered a motion to increase the expenses by $450K to provide 1 year funding for a drug court.  He offered no information as to how this amount had been derived or when such a court could stand up.

My take on the situation was that the Delegation had just finished resolving not to dip into the Undesignated Fund Balance, and being at some discomfort at having to raise the tax rate by about 8% there was little interest in supporting the motion to fund the drug court that had not been vetted by the Commissioners or any Delegation finance committee.  The motion failed.

In closing, the reps at the 29 May Executive Delegation, from my observations, were very impressed with the effectiveness of a Drug Court due to a briefing from Superior Court Chief Justice Judge Nadeau and had the issue been presented earlier in the budget process the funding would have been more favorably acted upon. 

I suspect the issue will be the key discussion point when the full Delegation meets on 23 June.

Rep. Dave Pierce

Goffstown, NH


…and we love you, too, John Burt.

Sign on New Boston Central School advertising upcoming political event

Trolling the internet, at times, can unearth some interesting tidbits. Such was the case when I recently came across a facebook posting promoting an upcoming appearance of Republican presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, at the New Boston Central School. A seemingly innocuous post that one would think wouldn’t elicit an attack on a neighboring town, but elicit an attack it did and not from an everyday person just spouting off. No, but from an elected State official in the body of State Rep. John Burt (R) who lives in Goffstown and represents Hillsborough County District 39 that include towns, Goffstown, Weare and Deering, NH.

Yep, Rep. John Burt’s comment boostfully states that:burt_communistFBpost


Really? There are communist running the town of Goffstown? Oh my, call out the militia, where’s the NSA when you need it to apprehend these horrible reprobates that have, obviously, taken over our quaint little town? I thought if this is true, than I better look into this.

So I went on the town website committee page to find out who these scary communist could be. I found there are approximately 191 individual Committee/board members, 59 of which are elected directly from the voters. But, try as I might, I couldn’t find any communist. What I did find was a diverse group of volunteers. People from all walks of life; veterans, seniors, young folk, men, women, Moms, Dads, just hardworking people giving their time for a better community.

Rep. John Burt (R) Goffstown, NH

So could Rep. John Burt please list which of the above volunteers are communist? And while he’s at it, could he please answer why he hates this town so much that he continues to embarrass and malign us at every opportunity he gets yet cries for our vote when he runs for public office?

Oh yes, and you might want to also ask him what legislation he has filed on behalf of the town he suppose to be representing or is he just representing himself?

…… Bills prime or co-sponsored by John Burt  (1. leave “Session Year” blank – remove “2015”. 2. Scroll down to “sponsor” on the left hand side and click on the pull down arrow and select, “Burt” – Leave all other sections blank – do not fill in any other sections. 3. Click “submit”.)

….. more about John Burt

…… John Burt contact/legislative info

……. Goffstown Town Facility Use Policy

…… Goffstown School Facility Use Policy


John Burt makes the news, again

tumblr_inline_n6irfa3WEp1qc32j6How is it that there are 400 legislators in the State of NH and Goffstown has to have one that is always in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Case in point, Rep. John Burt (R) Goffstown. Rep. Burt is a three term state rep. First two terms representing Goffstown and his third term representing Hillsborough County District 39 (Weare, New Boston, Goffstown). He’s a pretty nice guy, has a tractor, raises chickens, married, does a local access show and has pretty good votes in the House for the party he represents.

So, what’s the problem? Well, the guy’s a goofball. One of those “Aw-shucks” not seemingly too bright guys, one who doesn’t appear to research a thing he says, kind of shoots from the hip, one might say. He also seems to speak without thinking, a lot. And that’s what gets him in the news. Not for his good votes or any bill he might have sponsored in the House, but for really dumb things he publically says.

Case in point, his recent speech on the House floor opposing HB 373 “Establishing the red-tailed hawk as the State raptor”. Now, you’d think that was a pretty innocuous bill brought forth by 4th graders from the Lincoln Ackerman School in Hampton Falls but, it turns out, Rep. Burt, along with a few of his cohorts, thought they might use the bill as an opportunity to excoriate the little tykes. Chastising them for “wasting their time”, mocking their choice with Burt wondering, “What’s next? A state hot-dog?”, yuck, yuck.

Another legislator mused the raptor would be a better mascot for Planned Parenthood because of the way the bird ripped the limbs off its prey. Wow! Now, you don’t get any more pro-life than me, but even I was taken aback by that statement wondering what has that got to do with the bill and why is this Representative thrusting such graphic images in front of innocent 4th graders and that’s pretty much how it went for the young students.

The bill failed. That’s okay. The students knew that might happen, they were okay with that. What they, and a good majority of the public was not okay with was the complete and utter disrespect shown to these students. To go through the process to have a bill sponsored, to lobby for it, to go to Concord to sit in the gallery only to be bullied, ridiculed and mocked for bothering the NH House of Representatives and to be further used to promote a legislators personal agenda or promote their pet event is inexcusable and shameful. 

I won’t go on. The story, to use a reporter’s phrase, had legs and boy did it run. The boorish behavior exhibited toward the 4th graders became international news. Yep, the clip of our John Burt’s speech was on FOX news, in national papers and many blogs.  Yay, Goffstown! Now, it’s not the first time, as I mentioned earlier, and Burt isn’t the only Rep. that stuck his foot in his mouth, but the other two Goffstown legislators that did are no longer serving, so shouldn’t be mentioned. But Burt is and he should be held accountable for his mockery of the students. After all, the NH House of Representatives IS the peoples’ house and the students should be accorded the same respect and given the same measure of seriousness Rep. Burt expects he should get as a legislator, they should not used for fodder for Burt’s inappropriately timed jokes.

To fully understand how bad the treatment of the students were, please click onto the links below.

Links leading to other relevant stories on this subject.

Story containing actual video…..

More on John Burt.….

Pam Manney is a former 2 – term state rep, former vice chair of the NH Republican State Committee, community activist and volunteer.

Voting information – Goffstown Voting Day is Tuesday, March 10th


Tuesday, March 10th is voting day in Goffstown NH.

Please remember to get out and vote!

Here are some links pertaining to issues, voting locations, sample ballots and more.

Town of Goffstown 2015 Voting information

Vote Yes #5 – facebook page in support of Goffstown Petition Article #5

Write-in Kimberly Peace for Planning Board – facebook page supporting Kimberly Peace for Planning Board.

Letters supporting:

Mark T. Lemay – Selectman incumbent running for reelection                                    1. by Mark T. Lemay

Guy Caron – write in candidate for Budget Committee                                                1. by Pam Manney  2. by David French

Kimberly Peace – write in candidate for Planning board                                                1. by Gail Glines Labrecque

Petition Town Article #5 (zoning)                                                                                    1.  by Jeffrey Tate

Town Article #9 (Transportation Introductory Program)                                           1. by Barbara Carbonneau & friends

Petition Town Article #15 (Town manager)                                                                  1. by Scott Gross


Please Re-elect Mark T. Lemay for Goffstown Selectman


Hello Residents of Goffstown,

My name is Mark T. Lemay and I am seeking a second term for re-election as your Selectman for the Town of Goffstown. In my first three years there was a lot to learn and a lot to understand about the town. Now that I have a good handle on issues, I feel that I can continue to work with the rest of the Board to continue to make good changes for the town to make it a better place to live.

I am looking for the support of the residents of Goffstown to continue to make this a great place to live. Please vote smart and let’s keep what we have now and make our community a safe place to live.

So, please come out to vote on March 10, 2015. The polls open at 7 A.M. and close at 7 P.M. Make your vote count and be heard in the Town of Goffstown. There are two voting locations in town one in Pinardville at Bartlett School on Mast Rd. and the second one is at Goffstown High School  on Wallace Rd.

Also please support the articles as they appear in the town 2015 Voter’s Guide.

Thank you for your time and consideration for your vote on Election Day.



Mark T. Lemay

Please Support Town Warrant Article #9 – Transportation Introductory Program


Posted with permission from Barbara Carbonneau – Goffstown, NH, as originally published in The Goffstown Business Connection – February 18, 2015 – page 6.

We, the undersigned residents of The Meeting House, 12 Reed St. Goffstown, NH, wholeheartedly support the passing of warrant article #9 as it appears on the 2015 town ballot:

Alice Rohr, Conniee McKeown, Laurie Daskal, Linda Philbrick, Gail Lane, Germaine Morello, Elaine Emerton, Dorothy Gove, Jeanne Lachance, John E. Burpee, Janet Hinckley, Paulita Martel, Reta MacGregor, Pauline Plamandon, Ruth Lyons, Laurette Hudon, Judy Malik, Walter Malik.

If approved, this article will raise and appropriate $14,477.00 for a Transportation Introductory Program. The primary purpose of this program is to provide transportation to the elderly and disabled on an on-call basis for necessary appointments. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation under RSA 32:7, VI and will not lapse until 06/30/17. (This appropriation is in addition to Article #6.)

Key provisions of this transportation service will include: Wheelchair accessible bus, a caregiver may ride with disabled person, service is available to any adult on a space available basis, no rider fee, on demand curb to curb service (forty hours advanced notice required) which will be available three days a week, five hours per day.

We sincerely urge every voter to to to the polls on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 and vote YES to those with limited mobility.

Thank you for your support!

Submitted by Barbara Carbonneau, 35 Shirley Park Road, Goffstown on behalf of the above named Meetinghouse residents.

Please write-in Kimberly Peace for Goffstown Planning Board


By Gail Labrecque – Goffstown, NH

Letter to the Editor:

When you vote on March 10th, you will notice the ballot has one candidate for Planning Board and two available positions.  So I am asking you all to write in Kimberly Peace for Planning Board. She is willing to accept this position if elected.  

Peace has been a valuable and contributing member of the Conservation Commission for more than ten years, serving as Chairman for some of those years, and she has served as a Planning Board alternate for the past year.

In her professional life, Peace works as an Environmental Coordinator, lending that expertise to what she does on the Conservation Commission and Planning Board.  She knows the planning process, as well as our Town Regulations and Zoning Ordinances.  She knows her way around all the plans, maps and documents that come with an application.

Peace supports economic development while still protecting historic and environmental resources that matter to our community.  Kimberly Peace is a great choice for a seat on the Planning Board, and she will no doubt continue to use the education, experience and dedication she has been using thus far.

Please add Kimberly Peace’s name to your ballot as a write-in candidate. 

Thank you,

Gail Labrecque


Please write-in Guy Caron for Goffstown Budget Committee


By David French – Goffstown, NH

To the editor,
On this years Goffstown Ballot there are two open positions. I would encourage voters to write in Guy Caron for budget committee.
Guy has been a dedicated member of the budget committee for several years. Guy has the ability to bring not only knowledge of the budgeting process as well as a respect for all members views and thoughts. I have always been impressed with how prepared he is and his ability to ask the hard question of our public officials.
Please join me in writing in Guy Caron for budget committee on March 10.

David French