Please Re-elect Mark T. Lemay for Goffstown Selectman


Hello Residents of Goffstown,

My name is Mark T. Lemay and I am seeking a second term for re-election as your Selectman for the Town of Goffstown. In my first three years there was a lot to learn and a lot to understand about the town. Now that I have a good handle on issues, I feel that I can continue to work with the rest of the Board to continue to make good changes for the town to make it a better place to live.

I am looking for the support of the residents of Goffstown to continue to make this a great place to live. Please vote smart and let’s keep what we have now and make our community a safe place to live.

So, please come out to vote on March 10, 2015. The polls open at 7 A.M. and close at 7 P.M. Make your vote count and be heard in the Town of Goffstown. There are two voting locations in town one in Pinardville at Bartlett School on Mast Rd. and the second one is at Goffstown High School  on Wallace Rd.

Also please support the articles as they appear in the town 2015 Voter’s Guide.

Thank you for your time and consideration for your vote on Election Day.



Mark T. Lemay

Please Support Town Warrant Article #9 – Transportation Introductory Program


Posted with permission from Barbara Carbonneau – Goffstown, NH, as originally published in The Goffstown Business Connection – February 18, 2015 – page 6.

We, the undersigned residents of The Meeting House, 12 Reed St. Goffstown, NH, wholeheartedly support the passing of warrant article #9 as it appears on the 2015 town ballot:

Alice Rohr, Conniee McKeown, Laurie Daskal, Linda Philbrick, Gail Lane, Germaine Morello, Elaine Emerton, Dorothy Gove, Jeanne Lachance, John E. Burpee, Janet Hinckley, Paulita Martel, Reta MacGregor, Pauline Plamandon, Ruth Lyons, Laurette Hudon, Judy Malik, Walter Malik.

If approved, this article will raise and appropriate $14,477.00 for a Transportation Introductory Program. The primary purpose of this program is to provide transportation to the elderly and disabled on an on-call basis for necessary appointments. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation under RSA 32:7, VI and will not lapse until 06/30/17. (This appropriation is in addition to Article #6.)

Key provisions of this transportation service will include: Wheelchair accessible bus, a caregiver may ride with disabled person, service is available to any adult on a space available basis, no rider fee, on demand curb to curb service (forty hours advanced notice required) which will be available three days a week, five hours per day.

We sincerely urge every voter to to to the polls on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 and vote YES to those with limited mobility.

Thank you for your support!

Submitted by Barbara Carbonneau, 35 Shirley Park Road, Goffstown on behalf of the above named Meetinghouse residents.

Please write-in Kimberly Peace for Goffstown Planning Board


By Gail Labrecque – Goffstown, NH

Letter to the Editor:

When you vote on March 10th, you will notice the ballot has one candidate for Planning Board and two available positions.  So I am asking you all to write in Kimberly Peace for Planning Board. She is willing to accept this position if elected.  

Peace has been a valuable and contributing member of the Conservation Commission for more than ten years, serving as Chairman for some of those years, and she has served as a Planning Board alternate for the past year.

In her professional life, Peace works as an Environmental Coordinator, lending that expertise to what she does on the Conservation Commission and Planning Board.  She knows the planning process, as well as our Town Regulations and Zoning Ordinances.  She knows her way around all the plans, maps and documents that come with an application.

Peace supports economic development while still protecting historic and environmental resources that matter to our community.  Kimberly Peace is a great choice for a seat on the Planning Board, and she will no doubt continue to use the education, experience and dedication she has been using thus far.

Please add Kimberly Peace’s name to your ballot as a write-in candidate. 

Thank you,

Gail Labrecque


Please write-in Guy Caron for Goffstown Budget Committee


By David French – Goffstown, NH

To the editor,
On this years Goffstown Ballot there are two open positions. I would encourage voters to write in Guy Caron for budget committee.
Guy has been a dedicated member of the budget committee for several years. Guy has the ability to bring not only knowledge of the budgeting process as well as a respect for all members views and thoughts. I have always been impressed with how prepared he is and his ability to ask the hard question of our public officials.
Please join me in writing in Guy Caron for budget committee on March 10.

David French

Write-in Guy Caron for Goffstown Budget Committee


To the editor,

This year’s Goffstown ballot has two open positions for Budget Committee and I would like to encourage voters to write-in “Guy Caron” for one of those open positions. Guy has served on the Budget Committee for several years. He comes to each meeting prepared and knowledgeable on all the issues and has always kept taxpayers in mind when considering all motions. We may not have always been on the same side of an issue but I have always respected Guy’s ability to argue his point of view in a courteous and professional manner. Guy’s continued participation on the Budget Committee would be dual asset to the town and its taxpayers. On Tuesday, March 10th, please join me in encouraging Guy to continue with his excellent service by writing in “Guy Caron” for Goffstown Budget Committee.

Thank you,

Pam Manney

Goffstown, NH

Saints and Sinners – The Pioneer Irish of Manchester, NH 1835 – 1900

Buy John Jordan’s book, Saints and Sinners, the Pioneer Irish of SaintsandSinnerscover2Manchester, NH, 1835 – 1900.

Mr. Jordan’s first book is a wonderful snapshot of the Irish immigrants that came to Manchester, NH 1835 to 1900.

Table of contents include: Immigrants and Their Decendants; Humorous Court Cases Some with Irish Brogue; Amoskeag Mills Accidents and Deaths; Suicides & Attempted Suicides in Amoskeag Canal; Killed and Dismembered by Trains; Scandal’s, Schools and Naughty Women.

Page 23 – Rev. Fr. William McDonald – the St. Patrick of Manchester, NH.

Page 24 – Bishop John B. Delany

Page 32 – Daniel Connor – Landowner, farmer, livestock owner & so much more.

Page 40 – Michael J. Healy – Police Chief

Page 152 – Woman killed by the train cars

Page 183 – Not the same Timothy – funny stories about locals printed in newspapers of yesteryear

Adopting a Town Manager – Vote Yes – Goffstown Town Article 15


Scott Gross

March 1, 2015

Why change our form of town government?  That’s the question citizens will face next Tuesday, March 10th when we decide whether Article 15 – adopting a Town Manager, is right for Goffstown.

As the 13th largest municipality in NH, with a population of over 18,000 citizens, now is the time to make a modest change in our local government.  By voting yes on Article 15, Goffstown will transition to a Town Manager form of government.  With this form of government, rather than a five member, part- time Board of Selectmen supervising the day to day operations of the police, fire, public works and parks departments, a town manager would now have these operational responsibilities under NH RSA 37.

With a Town Manager, our Selectmen could focus their time and energy towards larger issues such as enhancing economic development to lower taxes, focusing on long term capital and infrastructure needs, and revamping an outdated employee compensation and benefit plan.  Simply put, a Town Manager would be a more efficient way to manage our local government, and enhance accountability.

Many people have asked , is this a big change for Goffstown?  Actually it’s not.  Our two largest local governmental entities are the town and school district.  For decades we have operated under a school superintendent who manages the operations of our schools, and who directly supervises our principals and other administrators. I couldn’t imagine a system whereby our school administrators would each be directly supervised by the school board.  Essentially the town manager would be very similar to a school superintendent.

By voting yes on Article 15- Town Manager, many things will not change.  We’ll still have a budget committee to develop the School and Town budgets.  We will continue with all of the current committees in town, and we’ll still have a Deliberative Session and Town Elections so you the voter can decide on town budgets, labor contracts, planning and zoning changes and many other important issues.

Change is not always popular, but often it is necessary.  I realize that some are satisfied with our current system of local government.  However I hear an even greater voice in Goffstown wanting our government to be more accountable and efficient.  If you are one of those voices who would like to see a more streamlined local government, then I urge you to vote yes on Article 15.

Scott Gross

Former Selectmen and School Board Member