Write-in Guy Caron for Goffstown Budget Committee


To the editor,

This year’s Goffstown ballot has two open positions for Budget Committee and I would like to encourage voters to write-in “Guy Caron” for one of those open positions. Guy has served on the Budget Committee for several years. He comes to each meeting prepared and knowledgeable on all the issues and has always kept taxpayers in mind when considering all motions. We may not have always been on the same side of an issue but I have always respected Guy’s ability to argue his point of view in a courteous and professional manner. Guy’s continued participation on the Budget Committee would be dual asset to the town and its taxpayers. On Tuesday, March 10th, please join me in encouraging Guy to continue with his excellent service by writing in “Guy Caron” for Goffstown Budget Committee.

Thank you,

Pam Manney

Goffstown, NH