Check Your Hat! The Vaudeville Years of the Palace Theater, 1915 – 1955.

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Hot off the presses!

John Patrick Jordan’s newest book, “Check Your Hat! The Vaudeville Years of the Palace Theater, 1915 – 1955” is now available!

This book contains almost 400 advertisements, newspaper stories and photos of acts and performers that appeared at the Palace Theater during the Vaudeville Years 1915 to 1955. Not only the headliners of the time, but also the numerous local acts that delighted the Palace goers for years. Among them: Faye Gelinas and “Bucky” Searles both three time winners of the Original Amateur Hour; Vincent Ferdinando and his orchestra; “Zaza” Ludwig and his band; Patty Allen, who ran a successful dance studio; Esther Foye Moran, the talented singer; Alberta Sullivan, singer and Mother of Allen Heidenereich, a popular Palace Theater volunteer; Johnny Conlon, the Master of Dialect and numerous others.

Manchester merchants, too, made good use of the Palace stage where they held numerous fashion shows throughout the vaudeville years and advertised in “The Palace Spotlight and Entertainment” magazine of the era.

Back Cover FinalAdditionally, you’ll find mention of the Manchester people who were an integral part of the day to day operation of the Palace   Theater. Among them were: Theater President, Abraham Spitz; Superintendent of the House, George Freeman; Box Office Man, Henry Smith; Head Usher, John Kennedy; Porter, Arthur Washington; Matron, Miss Marion E. Casey; Stage Manager, Harvey Wilson; Assistant Stage Manager, Leo McIntire; Prop Manager, Charles Slosberg and Boiler Room Foreman, Henry Moses.

From its opening day, Victor Charas, the owner of the theater, strove to bring in the best talent available at that time including managers, William O’Neil and later successor William Canning, both of whom had wide experience in the Vaudeville field. This endeavor, coupled with signing a contract with the Keith/ Albee Vaudeville Circuit who specialized in “Polite” vaudeville that censored revealing costumes and unfit language, Victor Charas aspired to bring Manchester good, clean entertainment. I believe he succeeded and hope, after reading this book, you’ll agree.

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