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Please write-in Kimberly Peace for Goffstown Planning Board


By Gail Labrecque – Goffstown, NH

Letter to the Editor:

When you vote on March 10th, you will notice the ballot has one candidate for Planning Board and two available positions.  So I am asking you all to write in Kimberly Peace for Planning Board. She is willing to accept this position if elected.  

Peace has been a valuable and contributing member of the Conservation Commission for more than ten years, serving as Chairman for some of those years, and she has served as a Planning Board alternate for the past year.

In her professional life, Peace works as an Environmental Coordinator, lending that expertise to what she does on the Conservation Commission and Planning Board.  She knows the planning process, as well as our Town Regulations and Zoning Ordinances.  She knows her way around all the plans, maps and documents that come with an application.

Peace supports economic development while still protecting historic and environmental resources that matter to our community.  Kimberly Peace is a great choice for a seat on the Planning Board, and she will no doubt continue to use the education, experience and dedication she has been using thus far.

Please add Kimberly Peace’s name to your ballot as a write-in candidate. 

Thank you,

Gail Labrecque