Saints and Sinners – The Pioneer Irish of Manchester, NH 1835 – 1900

Buy John Jordan’s book, Saints and Sinners, the Pioneer Irish of SaintsandSinnerscover2Manchester, NH, 1835 – 1900.

Mr. Jordan’s first book is a wonderful snapshot of the Irish immigrants that came to Manchester, NH 1835 to 1900.

Table of contents include: Immigrants and Their Decendants; Humorous Court Cases Some with Irish Brogue; Amoskeag Mills Accidents and Deaths; Suicides & Attempted Suicides in Amoskeag Canal; Killed and Dismembered by Trains; Scandal’s, Schools and Naughty Women.

Page 23 – Rev. Fr. William McDonald – the St. Patrick of Manchester, NH.

Page 24 – Bishop John B. Delany

Page 32 – Daniel Connor – Landowner, farmer, livestock owner & so much more.

Page 40 – Michael J. Healy – Police Chief

Page 152 – Woman killed by the train cars

Page 183 – Not the same Timothy – funny stories about locals printed in newspapers of yesteryear